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What's New with Anna Maria?

You can watch Anna on CBS Weekdays "Bold and the Beautiful" @ 10:30am (PST)



"Daytime Emmy" Nomination 2016

Anna Maria Horsford was recently nominated for a Daytime Emmy, for her role as "Vivienne Avant on CBS "Bold and Beautiful".


Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series nominees:
"The Bold and the Beautiful's" Anna Maria Horsford (Vivienne) and Obba Babatunde (Julius)
"Days of our Lives'" Adam Leadbeater (Dr. Malcolm)
"General Hospital's" Dee Wallace (Patricia)
"The Young and the Restless'" Frank Runyeon (Angel)

You might think the story of social-climbing transgender model Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) on CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful couldn't get any hotter. But you'd be wrong. The hit soap has cast veteran actors Anna Maria Horsford and Obba Babatundé to play Maya's old-school parents, Vivienne and Julius Avant. And, as viewers know, that's not good news for our Ms. Maya...

She played the innocent, yet preacher-chasing daughter of a Philadelphia deacon in the hit 80s sitcom “Amen.” She constantly kept Shawn and Marlon in check as Dee the security guard on their popular 90s series “The Wayans Brothers.” She even stayed on Ice Cube a.k.a. Craig’s toes in the classic film “Friday.” There’s no way that you don’t know who Anna Maria Horsford is. The beloved actress sat down with JET to talk about how she uses her familiarity to get things done, and how she plans to make a difference in the lives of  incarcerated youth.










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